6 reasons to use CelebConnect for getting Celebrities and Shows

CelebConnect helps organisers and businesses reach to celebrities, their managers and show managers with ease. Here are 6 reasons, why you should use CelebConnect for reaching out to them.

1. Direct requests to Celebrities and Shows

Instead of looking out for people or businesses who will put you in touch or get celebrities and shows for you, now send requests directly to celebrities, their managers and show managers. Now getting someone to inaugurate your store, be a face of your brand or a new launch or even help you in social promotions is easy. Just head to our website find the celebrity you are looking for and send a request with all details of the engagement. You job is done.

If you want to host a show, play, concert or any performance like dance, instrumental or comedy, find the relevant shows on our website and send a request directly to their managers.

2. Find various and similar Shows and Celebrities in one place

Many a times, when you are looking for a show or a celebrity he many not be available for that particular date. Your entire efforts go to waste and you start again to find a similar show or celebrity and the complete cycle repeats with even less time now. With CelebConnect, you don’t need to spend time in searching for them, you will find them right alongside the shows you requested for.

3. Save on search time

Every time you try to contact a celebrity or a show yourself, you spend a lot of time getting the actual details of the show manager or the celebrity. You will come across a lot of websites saying they manage the particular celebrity or show but are mostly just going to establish contact once you ask them. In rare cases, you may find the right contact person but by then you would have already spent a significant amount of time. CelebConnect reduces the contact search time by putting you in touch with the right people directly, thus saving on time and enabling you to request quickly.

4. Save on costs

When you ask someone to get a celebrity or show for you, and when he is not in direct contact with the right person, he engages other people who will get the required person. This chain keeps growing until the contact with the right person is established. On an average, there are at least 3 links before the right contact is established. With each link having a cut in the transaction, the costs increase manifold. When you use CelebConnect, your request goes directly to the Celebrity, his manager or the show manager and thereby reducing cost.

5. Quick Responses

When you initiate a request to celebrity through traditional channels, there is a lot of wait time involved for responses as your requests goes from one person to another to the celebrity and back. You also need to do regular follow ups in order to get a feedback as each person in the chain adds his lag time. With CelebConnect, responses come fast as your request goes directly to the concerned person and directly back to you. This helps a quick turnaround on the requests and enables you to proceed swiftly on the requests.

6. Clear communication

We have all heard of ‘ Chinese whispers’, the more the people who relay information, the more it changes from the original. By enabling direct contact, CelebConnect helps clear communication on the engagements directly from you to the celebrity, his manager or show manager.

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