7 things that make CelebConnnect – A first of its kind

CelebConnect is a very unique platform in the Celebrity Management industry. Here are 7 features that make it, the first-of-its-kind in the world.

1. Direct requests to celebrities and their managers

CelebConnect gets the digital medium to work in the Celebrity Management space by enabling a direct connection between the end business customer and Celebrity/his manager. People, businesses and event organisers across the world need to reach out to celebrities for multiple services like appearances, performances & endorsements. Businesses either call up a friend, search online for contact details or ask an event manager to source them. Many a time only those easily accessible are considered. This unstructured and multi-layered process involves a huge lead time and sharply hikes the transaction costs making a lot of
opportunities lapse before actually reaching the celebrity and sometimes even make them unappealing.

2. Request celebs for Appearances, Performances & Endorsements

In a first, CelebConnect enables online requests to be sent to celebrities for Appearances, Performances and Endorsements. These requests can be acted upon by the celebrities themselves or their authorized managers. Thus, CelebConnect enables handling of most requests in the entire domain of Celebrity Management.

3. Send requests for social promotions and endorsements

CelebConnect is a first platform through which marketing professionals and businesses can reach out directly to celebrity influencers for social promotions and endorsements. With the high growth of digital and social media users, this has become a very important part of any marketing plan.

4. Direct requests to show managers

Through CelebConnect, one can also send requests to managers of Theatre plays, Live-in-concerts, Classical performances, Musical/Instrumental shows, Dance performances, Stand up comic performances, Magic show and bands. Shows can be booked for occasions like Festivals, Award Functions, Corporate Events, Launches, Inaugurations, Weddings, Birthdays, Charity events as well as ticketed events.

5. Transparent Transactions

The celebrity, his manager and show manager know exactly the amount the end client is paying for the particular request. At present, sometimes the transaction costs are hiked as much as 100% as the requests change from one event manager to another until it reaches the celebrity, his manager or the show manager.

6. Both Celebrities and Managers access the same requests

When a request goes to the celebrity, both the celebrity and his manager see the same requests. All communication on the request is available for access to both the celebrity and his manager. Thus, this helps in fast and lossless communication between them.

7. In-app communication for Celebrities & Managers – privacy protection

Celebrities and their managers can communicate with businesses, event organisers and concerned person for the particular request using the CelebConnect app without sharing personal contact details. This enables privacy protection for the celebrities and their managers.

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