CelebConnect – In a nutshell. 8 things to know!

CelebConnect is a technology solution that removes ACCESS to celebrities and shows’ managers as a decision making factor from the B2B entertainment industry. 

1. What is CelebConnect?

It is a business communication platform that enables corporates, event organisers to connect directly with celebrities and shows’ managers. This enables quick closure of requests and no lapse in communication.

2. What requests can be sent to celebrities?

Requests for Appearance at an event,  a Performance/Speaker at a festival, Social endorsement for a product or service or a multi-channel Endorsement for a brand can be sent to celebrities.

3. What are Shows?

Shows are entertainment performances by Celebrities and Artists. These include Theatre plays, Live-in-concerts, Classical performances, Musical/Instrumental shows, Dance performances etc. Stand up comic performances, Magic show and bands also come under shows.

Find shows on CelebConnect here-


4. How CelebConnect works?

People, businesses and event organisers can send requests to celebrities and shows using the website – www.celebconnect.in

Each show and celebrity have their own page from where the request can be sent directly to them.  After verification, Celebrities and Managers receive and respond to these requests on the CelebConnect app on their smartphones.

5. What celebrities can you find on CelebConnect?

 Living to its aim or removing ACCESS from decision making, CelebConnect has on board from across genres where important people are not easily accessible. These include  Films, TV, Fashion, Sports, Music, Dance, Academics, Masterchefs and Businessmen.

6. Who can send requests?

Anyone can send requests as long as the need is a professional one. You can send requests for the following occasions – Inaugurations, launches, Corporate Events, Award Functions, Conferences, Festivals, Weddings, Ticketed events, Charity event, Anniversaries and Birthdays.

7. How do celebrities come onboard?

It is very simple for celebrities to take benefit of the CelebConnect platform. They can either register themselves or authorise their managers to do the same. Simply, download the CelebConnect app from the play/app store on their device, create their profile and you are done. Our team takes up the verification and fill in any gaps in the profile and assigns you a unique request URL for receiving requests.

8. How can show managers register shows?

Show managers can register their shows, bands and performances using this link –


Enter the details of your show and our team will then curate, complete the show profile for you basis inputs from you. After successful, verification, your unique request URL is generated from where requests will come directly to you.

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