8 ways CelebConnect benefits Celebrities

Technology has truly transformed industries all over the world right from ticket bookings, taxis to shopping. CelebConnect is a technology solution that aims to bring this transformation to the Celebrities Business to Business industry. CelebConnect  enables businesses to reach out to celebrities for appearances, performances, endorsements and social promotions. Here’s are seven reasons why celebrities must use this platform.

Global Reach

By getting on the CelebConnect platform, you open yourself to opportunities from across the world. Businesses can reach out directly to your using your personal customised page on CelebConnect platform easily. In addition, our team gathers, researches and generates opportunities fro you based on interests from various parts of the world.

Privacy Protection

By using CelebConnect platform, you do not need to communicate with businesses directly by giving them your contact details. You can message on the requests directly from the app. You can also call through our servers which hides your number and instead shows our number to the receiver.

Manager Access and Handling

You may not be able to handle or act on the requests you receive owing to your busy schedules. In which case you can authorize a manager to take action of the requests on your behalf. Adding a manager, is as easy as a tap of a button on the app. Your manager can also create and optimise your profile on the platform to generate more opportunities.

Transparent Communication and Transactions

Since the transaction happens directly with the end customer, all communication is transparent. It removes all lags or loss of clarity that can happen as information is shared from one person to another. Also, since the financial transaction is direct, the business as well as you know what all is at stake for a particular request.

Interact only on Relevant Requests

When you create a profile on CelebConnect, you get to set preferences for your budgets and occasions you are open to receive requests. You can also intimate dates that you are not available in advance to the team, so you do not need to waste time communicating on requests that you don’t like.

Increased business visibility through Network effect

Network effect is the biggest advantage of being on CelebConnect. Brands in addition to having online sale on their own site also want to be listed on shopping portals, the reason is very simple, they get considered by even those customers who are not directly looking to them. CelebConnect brings the same advantage to Celebrities. If a business is looking for a celebrity but for some reason he or she is not available or does not meet his requirements, he is able to look for and contact alternate available celebrities easily.

No incomplete inquiries

CelebConnect mandates that any inquiries done are complete with all details you require to take a decision on the request. A detail rich request from asks for everything about the request – name, venue, time, duration, expectation, audience, stay, accommodation, etc. So you have all the information, to act on the request in one go. If for some reason, you feel a request needs additional information, you can request for the same from the same screen.

Secured Payments

CelebConnect secured the payments in advance for your accepted requests. It brings a trust between the business and the celebrity by holding a payment till the completion of the event and also look out for any misrepresentations, changes that may be needed and agreed at the last minute.

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