Emami Kesh King Signs Shilpa Shetty As Brand Ambassador

The storyline of the new Kesh King Shampoo TVC shows Shilpa practicing yoga with her friend highlighting the hair fall issue of the latter.

Speaking about her association with Kesh King shampoo, Bollywood actress, Shilpa Shetty, said, “I have always been a champion of ‘fitness’. Practicing yoga for a fit body, mind and soul is a way of life for me. When I got to know more about Kesh King, I was pleasantly surprised to find that with its proven ayurvedic benefits, Kesh King is going to offer me the healthy benefits of ‘hair yoga’ for a hair fall free, lustrous and healthy crowning glory. I am happy to be on board with Kesh King.”

Commenting on the occasion, Priti A. Sureka, director at Emami Limited in a statement also added, “Shilpa is an elegant and versatile actress with a rich legacy of work. We are extremely glad to have her on board for Kesh King Shampoo.” 

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