How to register your show on CelebConnect

It is simple to register your show on CelebConnect. Just keep these things handy – 1 poster with name and 4 photographs and follow the steps below.

Before you start registering, let us first understand how your show will be displayed on CelebConnect platform. Your show will get a unique URL on the CelebConnect website where all details of the show will be available.

Now, to registering your show and creating your profile you need to share the above information with us, with additional details for coordination. To do this, head over to the SHOW REGISTRATION FORM.

The form asks you for the basic details of the show like Show Name, type of show, duration, language, base and current location, producer and manager details, crew size, your social handles and a brief description about the show.

You need to enter a short description, that is like a one-liner describing what the show is about. This is displayed in search results and is a unique catch for visitors to check your show. You also get to choose the occasions that you are open to perform at.

Coming to budgets, the forms ask you to set budgets for three different locations – Hometown, Outstation and Abroad. These help the enquirers understand how much would the show cost to host at their location. This does not include travel/visa costs, only the cost of performance of the show.

You can set the visibility of these budgets as Public or Private by emailing the same to along with remaining details, mentioned below. Once, you set a budget visibility as ‘Private’ it is not shown to the website visitor. In case you are not open for say abroad opportunities, just set its budget as ‘0’. Doing this will show it as “Not Available” on your page.

Once you have completed submitting this form, the first part of the process is done.

To complete the registration and go online the platform, you need to email 5 photographs to

Include one poster with name that will be used like a profile picture for your show in search results and 4 other photographs that give a glimpse of the show. All these photographs need to be square in shape.

That all. You are all set. In case anything else is required, our team will get in touch with you on the registered phone numbers and email ids.

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