Introducing a new era in Celebrity and Show Requests

Honestly, getting access to Celebs is tough. Whenever a celebrity is to be invited, what are the standard options we look at? Here’s a new way.

We contact our friends and colleagues and check if anyone knows a celebrity who can be invited

We try to connect the celebrity via their social media handles.

We try and search an event company to try and arrange the celebrity.

The problem with these options is it wastes a lot of time and there is no guarantee that the celebrity we want can be brought. The event companies also have limited reach to celebrities. Additionally, we have no reference point for the cost involved in inviting the celebrity.

Even when the access is established, the celebrity may not be the one that suits your need. The availability of Celebrities is another problem in such cases where the options are limited.

Through CelebConnect, a direct connection between businesses/event organizers and celebrities is established.

Using the online platform, organizers and businesses can send inquiries directly to celebrities and invite them, which is a proven way to enhance their PR value and subsequently, their business. The platform caters to enquiries not just for Performances but also Appearance enquiries and Endorsement requirements.

Considering the rise of social media and advertising on social media platforms, CelebConnect offers the option of Social Endorsement where Celebs can be requested to endorse a product/service on their social media platforms for which a fee would be charged. The entire interaction happen hassle free using technology.

For organizers and businesses looking to boost PR & Brand Value, CelebConnect comes as a perfect gift with a basket of Celebs available as well as a variety of shows from across India available to choose from.

And Celebs is not just Actors from Films & Television, our portal has Celebs from all walks of life be it Sports, Education, Fashion, Culinary, Entrepreneurship or Arts. Therefore, be it an annual conference needing a keynote speaker or a fashion blog needing support from famous designers or a marathon event needing a Sportsperson flagging it off, we have got you covered.

The best part for organizers and businesses is you get to look for options within your budget and the quotes are the exact amounts that the celebs have entered. What we charge is a service fee over and above the Celeb Quote and our internet handling fees. The transaction is completely transparent with your payments secured through our online getaway.
You can track the status of their requests online and can monitor the entire process and stay updated at all times.

And it doesn’t end here. Apart from celebs, you have an assortment of Shows in various languages to choose from on this platform! Be it a Live in concert, or a theatre play, or a classic musical show, you can invite them to your city and see them perform live!

You can be anywhere in the world and still reach out directly with your specific requests to Celebs and Show Producers from India, to bring them to wherever you are with just a few clicks.  The world has truly come closer with technology!!

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