Marathi actors rake in moolah from endorsement deals

The Marathi film industry has been flooded with offers for TV and print commercials. And since the money is good, most of the deals are being lapped up by established actors. Actors Pallavi Subhash, Jitendra Joshi, Amruta Khanvilkar and Bhushan Pradhan are some of the popular names grabbing endorsement deals.

Whether it’s a commercial for chocolates, soap, cars, jewellery or shampoo, most ad agencies are roping in Marathi stars to add to their brand value. So is the lure of big bucks compelling stars to take up offers? “Commercials certainly pay more than films” says Amruta who has last seen in Aayna Ka Bayna last year. “I was pleasantly surprised at the profitability of commercials, when I did my first ad for a popular soap brand years ago. I was paid a huge amount of money for a mere 30 seconds of screen presence. After that ads have been a regular feature in my career. Marathi actors are increasingly being approached for Hindi commercials today, what with Marathi cinema attaining global appeal” she adds.

Bhushan Pradhan who has done 25 commercials in the last two years says, “If you are endorsing a reputed brand, the money that you earn in two days is equivalent to what you earn in a 15-day shoot for a serial or a small budget film.” Bhushan also emphasies that commercials offer ‘instant visibility’ “The number of films an actor can do as compared to commercials is any day less. Also, in case of films, actors keep waiting for the right opportunity to come their way. Apart from that, the audience will have to invest in watching your film, which is not the case with ads. So ads provide a larger platform to reach out to people,” he adds. Pallavi who is selective about her roles in films adds, “Marathi industry still does not offer a lot of potential roles for women. And television serials are very demanding, so ads are a great earning option.”

Ad maker Ameya Joglekar agrees that actors do get paid well for commercials. “Marathi actors are our prime choice for ads today. They add to the glamour quotient as well. It is also a very lucrative option for the actors as they earn a lot of money through commercials. It all depends on how popular the actor is, but usually the remuneration is anything between 1-8 lakh for a single ad.” Filmmaker Sujay Dahake, who recently shot an ad with some Marathi actors, says, “On an average, A-list Marathi female actors charge around 4-6 lakh for a film, which needs 25 days. But they can earn the same amount if they do about two-three ads.” But despite the lure, actors say they are careful of the brands they endorse. “Some commercials can work against your image,” says Amruta.

Even though actors take on commercials for the lure of money, most actors maintain that films are still a top priority. Like Pallavi puts it,”Money is not always everything. Doing a good film will always be my first preference as an actor.”

Reproduced from E-Times

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