MC Mary Kom becomes brand ambassador of Ankit TMT bars

Ankit TMT bars will increase the association with strength with the new ambassador.

Adjectives like strength, vigour, courage have always been the attributes to describe men, and the women have been soft, kind, delicate and poised ones. But, while in the 21st Century the World is developing, there’s no such adjective that can discriminate a man or woman, explaining their attributes. A woman can also be strong, courageous and robust.

Thus to break the stereotypical norms of the patriarchal society, ANKIT TMT Bars, who are one of the leaders in the industry with their strength of steel, is introducing MC Mary Kom, who is one o the epitomes of strength, as their brand ambassador.

MC Mary Kom on this occasion said, “I believe, that there isn’t any job that the women cannot do. Strength need not be physical always. Mental strength and will power is the most important, in running every institution. Women know how to balance family and work, she is always the strength and support of the family and that is the most important factor. ”

“I am so glad to be a part of Ankit TMT Bars. I, too, support and respect about their belief that women are the actual pillars of strength in the society”, said Mary.

“We always relate men with strength and vigour. But for us, it’s not men but women who are the ultimate pillars of strength, and who else would be better than MC Mary Kom as our Brand Ambassador, representing out thoughts”, said Ankit Patni, the MD of the Brand, Ankit TMT Bars.


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