Show Review: A Perfect Murder

Written by: Neeraj Shirvaikar | Directed by: Vijay Kenkare
Cast: Pushkar Shrotri, Satish Rajwade, Priya Marathe, Abhijit Kelkar, Subodh Pande, etc.
Genre: Thriller

Meera Mujumdar (Priya Marathe) sleeps alone in her house. Sometime in the night, the phone in the living room starts ringing. Meera gets up to answer the call- completely unaware of the shadow lurking behind the curtains. This is how ‘A Perfect Murder’ opens. An adaptation of Sir Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Dial M for Murder’, this play keeps in mind the interests of today’s audiences.

When Meera’s husband, Niranjan (Pushkar Shrotri) finds out about her affair with a crime-fiction writer (Abhijit Kelkar), he plans her murder as revenge- and to grab her property. He hires an old acquaintance Karmarkar (Subodh Pande) to get the deed done. The plot thickens when the police officer (Satish Rajwade) enters the scene. What’s interesting about this play is how it keeps you on the edge of your seats, even when you know whom to hate right since the beginning and that good is going to triumph at the end. This is where Neeraj Shirvaikar’s sharp writing and Vijay Kenkare’s splendid direction create a strong narrative for us.

Most of us have seen Pushkar Shrotri play comic roles; and seeing him here as the antagonist is a refreshing experience. Priya Marathe is the only female actor in this play. And she does complete justice to the role and the plot. Subodh Pande’s amazing reaction timings and the humour that Satish Rajwade brings to the stage hold the plot tight.

While watching ‘A Perfect Murder’, you can’t help but recognize the efforts put in by the entire team. We urge you to look out for the music composition by Ajit Parabh and its use to help the plot. The smart light design makes sure you are dragged into the action of the play.

This is a must-watch for all theatre enthusiasts and thriller genre fans!

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