Show Review: Anand Doh

Crew size: 3; Duration: 90 minutes; Language: Marathi; Genre: Theatre play; Producer: Yogesh Soman

Saint Tukaram has influenced Marathi people very deeply. His teachings were conveyed through ‘Abhanga’ and ‘Bhajana’ in local Marathi then and have been an inspiration to many in daily life. ‘Anand Doh’ is a brainchild of ‘RajYog’, performed by Yogesh Soman, a veteran actor known for his remarkable work in Marathi theatre and it throws light on the life of Tukaram Maharaj.

The play aims to clear the misinterpretations of principles given by Tukaram Maharaj and to bring his teachings into the limelight. The set design of this play is made so that it can be easily dismantled. This play can be performed at any open place. Also, they offer you participation by organizing the play in your city.  You can organize this insightful and worth-a-watch play for any of your spiritually inclined events.

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