Show Review: Classical Harmonies

Crew Size: 20; Duration: 120 Minutes; Language: Hindi; Genre: Bollywood; Producer: Wide Wings Media

We listen to many songs but few remain in our memory for long. These are called ‘the classics’ and here they are, a bunch of very talented and well-known artists of Maharashtra presenting in front of you the classic treasure of old songs. They cover many cherished names of the music industry like Kishor Kumar, Mohammad Rafi, Shammi Kapoor, Dev Anand, and the list goes on. The audience will thoroughly enjoy this retro ride with a blend of peppy and peaceful songs.

The cast is loaded with renowned artists like Dattaprasad Ranade, Anjali Marathe, Jitendra Abhyankar on vocals, Ninad Solapurkar, Rohan Vanage, Vishal Gandratwar as musicians and Dr Amit Tribhuvan as an anchor altogether level up the program. From young to old, everyone will be mesmerized by their performance. It  is a perfect choice for any Festival, award function or even for a conference.

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