Show Review: Dada Ek Good News Aahe

Written by: Kalyani Pathare | Directed by: Adwait Dadarkar
Cast: Umesh Kamat, Hruta Durgule, Aarti More, Rushi Manohar.
Genre: Drama

‘Dada Ek Good News Ahe’ is exactly what the title suggests it’s going to be about! While Vineet (Umesh Kamat) is facing challenges and milestones in his own life, his younger sister- Namita (Hruta Durgule), visits him and delivers him a ‘good news’ which turns into a turning point in both of their lives. This play portrays an unconventional journey of acceptance, of two siblings evolving together, and of the unconditional love between them.

To support these two lead characters is Mithila (Aarti More) who is Vineet’s colleague as well as love interest. And introduced early on into the plot is ‘Bobby’ (Rishi Manohar) who is Namita’s boyfriend and a central character in her situation. While Vineet and Mithila’s relationship is less words and more ‘within’, Namita and Bobby’s relationship is more innocent, open, and out there. This tells us more about Vineet and Namita than their own words in the whole play. The dynamics that the four of them share on stage do not let the plot get dragged or monotonous even for a moment.

Director Adwait Dadarkar makes sure that we understand the gravity of the situation presented to our characters. But with well placed humorous scenes and simple yet captivating dialogues, the story has a feel-good narrative. The ideas showcased in ‘Dada Ek Good News Aahe’ reflect well with the young audiences. “90s kids” have a special treat hidden in the play! The set design and sound compliment greatly to the narrative.

A perfect blend of entertainment and strong content- delivered by outstanding performances, this play is a must watch for audiences of all age!


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