Show Review: Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Goshta

Written by: Adwait Dadarkar | Directed by: Adwait Dadarkar
Cast: Prashant Damle, Kavita Medhekar, Atul Todankar, Mrunal Chemburkar, etc.
Genre: Comedy

Although ‘Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Goshta’ is a sequel to one of the best Marathi comedies of modern time- ‘Eka Lagnachi Goshta’, it is also a great stand-alone play. In the first play, we saw Manoj (Prashant Damle) and Manisha’s (Kavita Medhekar) journey of falling in love and getting married. Now, we see their marriage go through ‘midlife crisis’.

The play starts with Manisha giving us a recap of their story and trying to bring back their young and innocent love back in their marriage. But Manoj is so caught up in his work and keeping up with his monotonous life, that he seems to have forgotten his own self too. Moreover, he is advised by his colleague- Puru sir (Atul Todankar) that the key to a happily married life is an extra-marital affair. Though, not completely convinced, Manoj decides to follow this advice and starts seeing one of his younger female colleague Kashmira (Pratiksha Shivankar). This is where all the drama unfolds. While all this is happening, there is a secret that Manisha has kept from Manya. That becomes the biggest twist in the play.

To the delight of everyone, both songs- ‘Ti Pari Asmanichi’ and ‘Mala Sanga, Sukh Mhanje Nakki Kay Asta’ have been featured in this play too. Seeing our favourite Manoj and Manisha being themselves and taking on challenges and issues faced by modern couples, this is a great treat for everyone! The chemistry between Prashant Damle and Kavita Medhekar is flawless and flows with ease throughout the play. Atul Todankar and Mrunal Chemburkar are a great addition to the cast. The dialogue delivery and well-timed reactions from the entire team set you off from giggling right up to roaring with laughter.

A play that touches upon a few serious issues is being called a laughter-riot, and rightly so! You do not want to miss out on this one!


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