Show Review: Joydhaam

Artists: Shivm, Shashank Kobal; Duration: 120 Minutes; Language: Hindi-Marathi-English; Genre: Hindi, English, Marathi covers with original compositions

Joydhaam was formed out of a strong belief in community music ‘Drum-Strum-Hum’ as they say it, by two Pune-based artists, Shivm- who is a Singer, Composer, Lyricist, Facilitator and a Community musician and Shashank- Percussionist, Singer, Lyricist and a drum circle facilitator. Joydhaam mainly focuses on therapeutic effects of community singing which has enhanced many lives to the date. In this fast-paced life, we definitely need therapy to fine-tune our inner selves, and music plays a major role in this treatment. This makes Joydhaam stand out from the crowd and with the two well trained and enthusiastic musicians Shivm and Shashank, the audience surely finds peace and joy through their music. They perform classic Bollywood and Marathi covers and also include their own composed music. As the show goes on, both of the artist tend to interact with the audience, making them a part of it. Everyone enjoys this unique way of humming and dancing together thoroughly.

Joydhaam has been a part of many prestigious events like recently, they performed at Times of India’s Celebrate Pune festival which was the biggest cultural fest took place in the city since long. They have performed in Swedish Champions League, ‘Ganatantra’ at Maharashtra Times festival, North-East Film Festival, and almost at every pub & cafés in Pune. They have a huge fan-base following them at their every gig. Joydhaam has a strong bond with their audience as we can see from their social media following. They are active on Facebook, Instagram and also have a YouTube channel. They made a ‘Hindi version’ of the famous ‘Game of Thrones’ series on YouTube which was covered by TVF, the link is provided below. With all this talented bunch of musicians you will surely be joyous while singing and dancing with them, and hence, this show will be a perfect one for people of all the ages and is suitable for every single event right from your corporate event to your festival-events.

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