Show Review: Kavya Kalash

Crew size: 12; Duration: 180 Minutes; Language: Hindi-Urdu; Genre: Poetry/Mushaira; Producer: Ashish Shukla

‘Kavyakalsh’ the name itself signifies that this mehfil will be loaded with Poems, Shayari, Nazms and Gazals which is together called as ‘Kavya’. Kavyakalash is formed by poetry enthusiasts from Pune region and their vision is to recite all the great works of Hindustani and Urdu poets so that it will reach to masses.

Kavyakalsh has the unique style of performing with a pleasant atmosphere and a perfect traditional feel of mehfil. Their verses and melodies will surely resonate with the audience of any age. You can organize this poetic program for any festival, events like corporate meetings and conferences or even as a ticketed event for your organization.

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