Show review: Misree

Artists: Jaydeep Vaidya, Devendra Bhome, Ketan Pawar; Duration: 120 Minutes; Language: Hindi-Marathi-English; Genre: Hindi, English, Marathi covers with original compositions; Producer: Wide Wings Media

Misree is a music band of Pune’s three renowned artists, Jaydeep Vaidya- the versatile lead vocalist, Devendra Bhome- Music composer and keyboardist known for his beautiful melodies and Ketan Pawar- the energetic Percussionist. They cover all the genres right from Indie-pop to Sufi, folk, etc. They represent popular songs integrated in their own way along with their original compositions.

They believe ‘Sweetness is the common thread’- and hence any age group will enjoy the show! Well trained artists and their versatility is their key to success, organic expressions become cherry on the top.  You will definitely want a soulful music show like this for your Inauguration program or for your company’s annual day or maybe for an award function also. They are flexible for any occasion.

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