Show Review: Raag On!

Artists: Jaydeep Vaidya, Devendra Bhome, Ketan Pawar; Duration: 120 Minutes; Language: Hindi-Marathi-English; Genre: Hindi, English, Marathi covers with original compositions; Producer: Wide Wings Media

Raag On has come up with a very unique concept. They state that, modern music has a base of ‘Raagas’ in Indian Classical music. And to let the audience know about this wonderful connection, they present modern popular songs of Bollywood with the help of Raagas. Ashutosh Joshi, Saurabh Kadgaonkar, Rama Kulkarni, Ninad Solapurkar (Keyboard), Rohan Vanage (Drums), Soham Sane (Percussionist), Kirit Mandavgane (Guitar), Amit Gadgil (Guitar) are the artists that make the evening worth!

They are bridging the gap and communicating Indian Classical music in a fun and interesting way that the audience will rejoice. You surely need a musical show like this, which will entertain as well as teach them to appreciate our culture. Looking for a show at your special occasion like corporate annual event or an award function? Here’s the end of your search.

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