Show Review: White lily & Night Rider

Cast: Milind Phatak, Sonali Kulkarni ; Writer: Milind Phatak, Rasika Joshi ; Director: Milind Phatak ; Duration: 150 minutes; Producers: Dinu Pednekar, Sonali Kulkarni; Language: Hinglish, Marathi

The story speaks about the changing mindsets of the man-woman relationship these days. Play starts with two mid-aged singles that chat on a social media site and how they actually meet at one fine day and thereafter decide to check each other’s sexual and behavioural compatibilities. It broadens the view of the audience about how the changing lifestyle and increasing expectations go hand in hand and can sometimes result in failure. After Rasika Joshi, Sonali Kulkarni has replaced her role and along with Milind Phatak, you’ll see them creating magic on stage.

The story is narrated through black comedy. While your stomach will hurt from laughing, you’ll also go through a self-introspection session. This play will connect adults of all ages, right from the teenagers to married couples, and to those who are in a search of their match too! The play is performed in Hindi and English (Hinglish) as well as in Marathi hence, covering a wide audience. With a strong script and excellent performance, White Lily and Night Rider is a must-to-have for your event.

This show is suitable for Launch/Inauguration programs, Charity as well as Ticketed events, Festivals, Conferences, Corporate events, and Award Functions.

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